Sunday Haus

About Sunday Haus, L.P.

Why we're called "Sunday Haus"

Our name "Sunday Haus" comes from the rich German influence in Texas. From the mid 1800's German-speaking immigrants found work throughout the ranch lands of the Texas Hill Country. They initially cleared the cedar scrubs covering the land, but with their German skills and abilities to utilize the local wood and stone in their distinctive type of architecture, they grew in demand as builders.

Travel was slow by horse and buggy into town for Sunday church services. However, the next generation of those first German Lutheran settlers had became affluent enough to own not only a ranch but also an additional home in town. On Saturday afternoon, they would travel into cities like Fredericksburg, where they had built these second homes called the "Sonntag Haus," or literally the Sunday House. From the Sonntag Haus, the family would be close enough to attend worship services on Sunday.

Some of the houses remain still today and are usually fairly simple structures, but rich in distinctive design. Today it is called Texas Hill Country architecture and is popular anywhere around Austin and San Antonio.

Through our families the principals at Sunday Haus, L.P. are of this heritage - hard work, appreciation for excellence in design, disciplined and ethical business dealings guide our relationships.

Like those early immigrants, we are still building "Sunday Houses".

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