Southgate Church of Christ Gallery

Client: Southgate Church of Christ, San Angelo, TX

Building Area: 54,000 square feet (approximate)

"I can't say enough good. I've recommended Bob and his group to everyone that needs a building." ---Paul Shero, Minister

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Relocation Project
The Southgate Church of Christ (formerly the Colorado and Jackson St. congregation) relocated across San Angelo. Planning to never again be land locked or bound by restrictive zoning ordinances they built for 1600 people on 20 acres.

Southgate Church of Christ
Timber Framing shown
The original project consisted of 40,000 sq. ft. but recently an addition of 7,729 sq. ft. of classroom space and a 6,480 sq. ft. open pavilion have increased the total to some 54,000 sq. ft.

Southgate Church of Christ
We designed the pulpit especially for their minister, Paul Shero. For 31 years, he has spoken God's Word to this good church. When he first arrived, they were struggling to pay the utility bills and now they are one of the outstanding Church of Christ congregations in all of West Texas. Well known for mission work all over the world and an up and coming secondary school program, God has been apart of their lives and blessed them.

Southgate Church of Christ
Notice the campus affect and the quality of the civil engineering design. The development of the original site encouraged the quality residential projects you see in the photo. The original leadership of this church made two important decisions. They hired a great young preacher and they bought land and moved to a great area of town.