Heritage Baptist Church Gallery

Client: Heritage Baptist Church, Montgomery, AL

Building Area: Project 1: Sanctuary Addition 28,500 sq. ft.

Building Area: Project 2: Children's Building 10,841 sq. ft.

"Bob always makes sure the client's interest is kept in mind, seeing that the project is done on schedule, within budget, and the client is getting a very good product at a fair cost." --- H. Kenneth White, P.E., chairman of building committee.

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Sanctuary Addition

This architectural rendering pictures a 1000 seat sanctuary addition. Heritage Baptist is located on the East side of Montgomery, Alabama on Perry Hill Road and Vaughn Road. This growing church was kind enough to allow us to work with them on the sanctuary addition and then later when they needed a children's wing.

Sanctuary Addition

The pulpit elevation also shows the distinctive crescent shaped faceted glass window, a compliment to the original sanctuary.

Sanctuary Addition

This Balcony photo shows the wrapped seating. One of the unique features of the design was the very close eye contact from the pulpit to all seats. Interior stairways from this level worked very well for responses to the front during the alter calls.

Sanctuary Addition

Under Construction