Oak Ridge Central Baptist Church Gallery

Client: Oak Ridge Central Baptist Church, Oak Ridge, TN

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Addition Project
Addition Perspective
One of the great joys of church construction are the times when humor rules the day. Oak Ridge Central Baptist Church will always be in our memory because of the special "ground breaking service" Tired of the traditional, the committee working on this service decided to try to involve everyone in pulling a large knap rope tied to an old breaking plow. It was easy to get the 500 or so people to start pulling, but instead of 10 to 12 feet, they must have pulled 100 feet. The poor pastor at the handles of the plow was stepping over a furrow three foot deep. He kept hollering "whoa," but no one could or would hear him.

Addition Project
Worship Center
Our work for this church was to guide the planning and construction for a 1200 seat sanctuary. Notice in this photo the advantage of a "gathered family concept." With normal vision, worshippers on the rear row can see the speaker's eyes blink. We understand homiletic concepts and do our best to create that environment.

Addition Project
A lovely faceted glass window in the shape of the cross projects beautiful color to the street at evening.