Mt Carmel Baptist Church Gallery

Client: Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Cincinnati, OH

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Restoration After Fire Project
Exterior Before Restoration
When a church loses a building in a storm, fire, or accident; there is often a sense of loss and despair. The church is grateful if no one was injured; but there is sadness. When we first met Mt. Carmel's pastor, Joe Crumpler, and walked through the charred remains, he told us of this feeling of heavy heartedness.

Restoration After Fire Project
Balcony Before Restoration
The rain falling on the charred remains left a rancid smell as we surveyed what had been an exceptionally beautiful building.

Restoration After Fire Project
Exterior After Restoration
Intrinsically, it is exciting when work on the site begins. Rebuilding a building is our work, but seeing that work help re-kindle the spirit in especially good people is an added reward.

Restoration After Fire Project
Balcony After Renovation
The building with its furnishings and all the Georgian accouterments was quite beautiful before the fire. Our work was to restore it to the original quality. Few changes in function were required.

Restoration After Fire Project
Pulpit After Renovation
The facade organ pipes on either side of the Baptistry opening were an addition.