First Baptist Church Gallery

Client: First Baptist Church, Donelson, TN

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Sanctuary Renovation Project
Aerial Photo
The church’s sanctuary, was designed originally by Mr. Wallace, an architect of Baptist fame in and around the Nashville area, and built in 1950. It sits on a hill along Lebanon Road and is even today one of the most important buildings along that busy thoroughfare.

Sanctuary Renovation Project
Pulpit Before Renovation
The stately porch, entrance, and grand steeple had held up well, but the interior, the mechanical and electrical systems were all dated.

Sanctuary Renovation Project
Pulpit After Renovation
During the sixteen weeks of renovation the committee chairman, Mr. Rod Cameron kept his committee busy approving new color schemes and working selecting new furnishings, A/V package, and approving work being done each week.

Sanctuary Renovation Project
Balcony After Renovation
The architect had originally done a good job of planning the seating in the balcony. This balcony was actually a popular seating area. Therefore, the renovation here was almost all cosmetic in nature. However, what a change the cosmetic work made.

Sanctuary Renovation Project
Rear View Before Renovation
Toward the end of construction the project was a little under budget and the committee turned their attention to altering a basement room into a beautiful bridal dressing space.

Sanctuary Renovation Project
Rear View After Renovation
A special sub-committee began working with Mr. Dennis Harmon of Emmanuel Stain Glass Studio as he created the designs for the new faceted glass windows.