Calvary Baptist Church
Family Life Center Gallery

Client: Calvary Baptist Church, Tuscaloosa, AL

Building Area: 23,500 square feet

"Mr. Schumacher was the project manager for three building projects at Calvary Baptist Church, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. …demonstrated the highest business practices with clients, contractors, employees, and vendors." --- Rodney Van Dyke, church administrator

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Family Life Center
Exterior View
Calvary’s Family Life Building was designed to provide space for the church’s recreation, day care, fellowship, and drama ministries. The building’s “California Mission” design co-ordinates with the three other buildings on site.

Calvary's Family Life Building
Start of Construction
The first couple of weeks of construction saw site demolition and foundation work beginning. In the background Bryant-Denny Stadium on the Alabama Campus is visible.

Family Life Center
Under Construction
A few weeks later the trusses are delivered for the gym roof structure.

Calvary's Family Life Building
During Construction
A large four car arrival hood will soon provide shelter for the Little Friends School children as their mothers arrive to deliver or pick them up.

Family Life Center
Recreation Room
This area provides recreation, games and vending space. A well-placed reception counter is the welcome center and control area for most all activities in the building. One person can watch all the activities of the youth or those rowdy prime timers.

Family Life Center
Multi-Purpose Room
The gym provides multi-purpose space for recreation, fellowship, music and worship programs. The kitchen has two serving lines and includes a bakery.

Calvary’s Family Life Building
Gym View 2
Notice the retractable bleachers and the six basketball goals. The four side goals raise and lower form 10 ft. to 8 ft. All goals retract to the ceiling for special occasions.

Calvary’s Family Life Building
Walking Track
About 14 laps equals a mile. The corners of the track are banked and is wide enough for two joggers to run along beside each other.

Calvary’s Family Life Building
There are six classrooms surrounding the gym for Bible School on Sunday, but also for the Little Friends School during the week. On bad weather days the gym space is used for activity time.

Calvary’s Family Life Building
Television, game space, vending, access to the walking track all are here in the large entry area.

Calvary’s Family Life Building
The finished building is ready for fellowship, dinners, education, meetings, recreation or whatever the Calvary Family needs.