Multi-Purpose Design...

"They spent all that money and they only use it 2 or 3 hours a week," was a criticism we all grew up hearing about church buildings. In those buildings carpet lasted 15 years and mechanical systems rusted out before they wore out.

But in recent years many of our clients have wanted to make a better investment and their outreach ministries have actually demanded more flexibility in the use of the building.

If you visit Tuscaloosa, Alabama go by the University Church of Christ at night. Even on Monday or Thursday nights the lights in the worship center are probably on and the college group is playing basketball. On a different night the room will be set up for a dinner to present the church's annual award to its selection of the Outstanding Teacher in Tuscaloosa. Across town Upward Basketball is going on at Calvary Baptist Church.

Or, in Fort Worth, visit the Heritage Church of Christ on a Saturday morning and drive around to the Café (youth room). There's a good chance someone has scheduled the space for their family reunion. If you're in Montgomery, Alabama drive by the Vaughn Park Church of Christ on a Tuesday morning and you'll see older people exercising in their multi-purpose area, a part of the Baptist Hospital wellness program. That afternoon two of the local private secondary schools will be meeting there for a basketball game. In Nashville the same things are happening at the Tusculum Church of Christ. And with their theatrical lighting they can have a children's drama any other night.

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Some of our Multi-Purpose Design offerings...

Heritage Church of Christ Calvary Baptist Church
Tusculum Church of Christ University Church of Christ

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